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Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Pyramid Expert Dr. Carmen Boulter explore her shocking new discoveries that suggest the Atlantean Hall of Records may have been found! The evidence for the lost culture and their advanced technology was said by the famous Sleeping Prophet psychic Edgar Cayce to be buried in a pyramid in Egypt and could be entered through a hidden passageway underneath the right paw of the Spinx. She also explains the Amun Prieshood's attempt to strip Akhenaten and Nefertiti from history. Did Nefertiti escape to conceal this ancient knowledge of Egypt's Star origins and Atlantean past in a sacred tomb?

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Dr. Carmen Boulter In this special part 2 interview on emerging breakthroughs in her research on an antediluvian civilization in Ancient Egypt. This lost culture was said by the Greek Philosopher Plato and the Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce to have possessed advanced technology, air and space travel and powerful mental and spiritual abilities. After their continent was destroyed in a massive cataclysm, they transferred their wisdom and building knowledge to Ancient Egypt and hid their history in the construction of the Great Pyramid, Sphinx and a yet to be discovered Hall of Records.

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