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In this special Part 1 Episode they delve deeply into the clandestine world of Psychic Spies and discuss Targ'snew documentary, 'Third Eye Spies' about his classified work with extraordinarily gifted Remote Viewers like Artist Ingo Swann, Military Officer Joe McMoneagle and Burbank Police Commissioner Pat Price who died shortly after remote viewing a UFO Base and being directly recruited out of the program into clandestine CIA operations. Enjoy this powerful Dark Journalist episode as he goes deep into the covert Remote Viewing program Bankrolled by the CIA with Physicist Russell Targ who founded the effort at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

This is Part 2 of Dark Journalist's in-depth interview with the founder of remote viewing, Physicist, Russell Targ from the Stanford Research Institute. Daniel Liszt goes deep into the mysterious psychic processes behind this amazing phenomenon and the startling results of seeing into the future, during his innovative and controversial experiments. In this episode, Targ goes into detail about the tools he uses for psychic visualization and for removing what he calls the 'analytical overlay'. The latter can compel the remote viewer to confabulate the psychic image they are seeing by blending it with other stimuli based on personal memories.

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