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Join Dark Journalist and retired NBC Network TV producer/director John Barbour as they revisit the Lost Jim Garrison Documentary "The Garrison Tapes." The film chronicles the electrifying trial prosecuted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the JFK murder. Special clips of interviews with Jim Garrison from the documentary are included. Plus shocking revelations of a massive media cover-up of the JFK assassination!

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    Pierre SlateYouTube

    EXCELLENT INTERVIEW... POWERFUL REPORT... INDEED ! Worth watching by anyone and everyone who has minimal interest in Government corruption... and aficionados as well.

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      Disposable 0303YouTube

      More power to you and John Barbour and Jim Garrison should be vindicated. What he did was heroic. We need more like him. Sadly great persons like this are in the minority and the power of the evil greedy secret brotherhoods/sisterhoods is just increasing all over the world.

      • author
        Pat JackYouTube

        Excellent, finely paced interview, you asked just the right questions, just the right amount of words, carefully chosen, matching the pace of your interviewee, and keeping him rolling.

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