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Nefertiti Breakthrough! Atlantis Egyptian Hall of Records
Dr. Carmen Boulter - April 28th 2016


Breakthrough Archaeological Discovery!
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Pyramid Expert Dr. Carmen Boulter explore her shocking new discoveries that suggest the Atlantean Hall of Records may have been found! The evidence for the lost culture and their advanced technology was said by the famous Sleeping Prophet psychic Edgar Cayce to be buried in a pyramid in Egypt and could be entered through a hidden passageway underneath the right paw of the Spinx.

Complete Archaeological News Blackout
Leading Egyptologists scoff at the concept of the existence of an ancient culture that possessed highly advanced technology and regularly blast alternative research and block investigations to find new evidence of this in order to control the narrative of our past. Yet it is revealed in this groundbreaking interview that two leading Egyptologists were actually sponsored in their early careers by the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, and one of them even wrote a book about Cayce's readings on the deep links between the development of Egypt by the survivors of Atlantis. Were they secretly looking for the Ancient Hall of Records using the Cayce readings while publicly disavowing their former sponsor and keeping in line with the official academic story?

Queen Nefertiti and The Pharoah Akhenaten
The enigmatic and tragic story of the reign of Egypt's most spiritual ruler, the Pharoah Akhenaten and his mysterious beautiful wife has also been manipulated over time by academics to suggest the corrupt Amun Priesthood were actually heroic in dealing with the delusional, mad king who worshipped a sun disc, says Boulter. According to her the real story is much more mysterious and was related to Akhenaten's special esoteric knowledge about the foundation of Ancient Egypt. Why did the Prieshood attempt to strip Akhenaten and Nefertiti from history? Did Nefertiti escape to conceal this ancient knowledge of Egypt's Star origins and Atlantean past in a sacred tomb? Will Boulter's latest archaeological find finally bring closure to this ancient mystery once and for all?

Shocking, enlightening, crucial, bizarre, unnerving, eye-opening, strange and compelling. You don't want to miss this unique Dark Journalist episode!

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