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The Covert Agencies Controlling the UFO File!
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt & his Special Guests Forbidden Knowledge TV's Alexandra Bruce & White House UFOs Grant Cameron go diving through the Deep State UFO Looking Glass into the Mainstream Media and CIA push to spin UFO Disclosure as a National Security Threat program while covering up the mysterious phenomena!

Clandestine Ops
Through detailed connections, they cover how covert intelligence agencies have been working on a plan for over two decades to present a false and incomplete version of UFO Disclosure as a way to create a new "Threat' scenario from space in order to generate new defense funding and roll out a full scale Space Weapons Program. They follow the clandestine involvement of career CIA Officials Luis Elizondo, Dr. Ron Pandolfi, Hal Puthoff and Jim Semivan that form the core of the false UFO Disclosure rollout.

From the development of Tom Delonge's 'To The Stars Academy' to the misleading and dubious New York Times breakthrough article describing a secret Government program to track UFOs called The 'Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program' (AATIP), the underlying factor that connects these developmements is the intelligence of Deep State players.

Informative, unnerving, ground breaking and full of implications, don't miss this fascinating Dark Journalist Episode!

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