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Join Dark Journalist and historian Richard Dolan as they examine the UFO coverup and its far-reaching implications of a breakaway civilization. In this video, they cover Dolan's 20 years of research into the black budget, ET history, alien contact, advanced technology, off-world space programs, and much more!

In the interview, Dolan discusses his off-the-record conversation with a prominent scientist who confirmed to him that he had worked on reverse-engineered alien technology.

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    Excellent. One of the best interviews with Richard I have ever heard. I appreciate the fact that you allow your guest to answers questions and give them space. That tells me that you are not in love with your own voice. I will listen more.

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      Rachel ThursbyYouTube

      Very insightful and its nice to see you have such a great grasp of these edgy subject matters!

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        Watched this interview with some friends of mine and they were stunned and delighted! The Ingo Swann info made everyone laugh! I thank you so very, very much for this vid.

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