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Join Dark Journalist and Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell in a riveting interview as they explore the Roots of the Breakaway Civilization that include the Nazi International, NASA, early UFO reports and the Coalescence of Interests that opposed JFK and removed him from power! They also explore Farrell's latest, ground-breaking book "Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations."

Find out the secrets behind the secret space programs and advanced technology.

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    Gregory MarshYouTube

    Wonderful interview! His book about the breakaway civilization was incredibly good. Thank you for interviewing Dr. Farrell!

    • author
      Drunvalo MarkidesYouTube

      Top notch exchange of ideas! Extremely compelling all around especially the NASA angle with JFK assassination. Fantastic Interview - well done Dark Journalist!!

      • author
        Zoopy JooblesYouTube

        I continue to be impressed with this channel, and your knowledge on the subjects being discussed. I feel you can allow your guests to reach a deeper level than the usual standard presentation of their ideas. Great work, I'm a fan.

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