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Part 1 Interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on The Deep State Presidential Election 2016 - September 11th, 2016

Clinton vs. Trump: The Deep State At War With Itself?
In this fascinating and alarming episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar and author of the influential Giza Death Star book series Dr. Joseph Farrell. Together they deeply examine the covert aspects at work behind the scenes in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Trump's Rise
Some of Farrell's most fascinating research concerns the forces behind the rise of Donald Trump that he surmises may be an aspect of the Deep State connected to the Mafia that has a long held tradition of self-styled patriotism and resents their casino related business being cut out of the process and profits of corporate globalism as domestic policies like ObamaCare have deprived average Americans of the slim remains of their disposable income.

Clinton Cartel
They also investigate the stunning collusion of the mainstream media with the campaign of Neocon Democrat Hillary Clinton in such an extremely obvious and unethical fashion and how it represents a shift in their strategy and also unmasks the deeper connections to which the supposedly objective media organizations are beholden. The Clinton Campaign is getting frantic trying to contain the situation and maintain the advantage for the establishment against the rising outsider force represented by the Trump Campaign and the recent Brexit movement in the UK. The evidence is clear that the entrenched, corrupt power structure with elites of both political parties are clinging desperately to the hope of a new Clinton Presidency.

Occult Influences
In this special episode they also cover a number of strange ritual activities like the video recently released that shows a mock human sacrifice at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and the bizarre Occult ceremony of the opening of the Gotthard Base tunnel in Switzerland that seemed to be a black ritual choreographed to invoke a lower astral presence. These unusual displays of ceremonial black magic appear to fit the mysterious pattern of the hidden elite coming forward to show their true face in a crucial election year for America and the world.

They also reveal the body count of investigators who have tried to expose the link between satanic groups, the political elite and rising scandals involving teenage victims of mind control programs that are part of a clandestine operation network of bizarre ritual magic.

Stunning, informative, controversial and groundbreaking, you don't want to miss this fascinating Dark Journalist episode!


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