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Breakthrough Part 1 Interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on 9/11 & The Fascist International - May 20th 2016

In this exclusive Part 1 interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deeply into his brand new book on the role of a Fascist International Syndicate in the tragic events of 9/11 and the implications of the advanced energy weapons that were used to collapse the World Trade Center Towers.

In Farrell’s view, the entire event was the product a three level operation. The first level were the hijackers used as patsies by elements inside the National Security State that form the second level, which is usually the target of alternative 9/11 researchers. The third level, being brought forward here for the first time by Dr. Farrell, is a coalition of forces developed after the defeat of Germany in World War II who still cling to the fascist ideology of the Nazi Party.

This worldwide network became a force after the war in everything from global drug running to development of the The Bilderberg Group and the development of a secret system of finance to deal with the hidden Nazi loot. They eventually infiltrated American intelligence and the NASA Space Program with help from major players the military industrial complex and also played a major role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Over time this network developed exotic technology and directed energy weapons that were first developed in secret tests of torsion physics in projects like The Bell in Nazi Germany and were brought into play during the attacks of 9/11 to bring down the towers. This third level has somehow infiltrated the level 2 Neocon plan of creating this massive deep event as a new Pearl Harbor to develop a new aggressive policy of war in the Middle East. This infiltration of level 2 was accomplished using the PROMIS software that the Reagan Administration had originally used to spy on other countries by developing back door capabilities and selling it to countries around the globe.

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