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Join Dark Journalist for a penetrating interview with former Assistant Housing Secretary & financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts. Watch and listen to them investigate cutting-edge and interesting topics like the financial coup d'etat, slow burn economy, geo-political strategies, black budget machinations, entrainment technology, corporate media manipulation, The Breakaway Civilization and more!

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    Just listened to this and another video featuring Catherin Austin Fitts and i have just become smarter :) she has a grasp of the global system like no other i've heard.

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      Drunvalo MarkidesYouTube

      Excellent reporting and the topics are very interesting and stimulating (also a little mysterious) I to am also looking forward to part 2!

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        Your interviewing skills are amazing, guy! I have listened to several of your interviews, with guys like Dolan, Farrell, and now Fitts. You are very skilled in pulling responses out and then shutting up and listening, using sound cues to keep the info coming out of the interviewee. Keep it up, you have another fan here. You're adding to the important data!

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