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Part 2 of the Exclusive Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts on The 2016 Presidential Election - October 31st, 2016

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Black Budget Election Gambit
In this exciting and in-depth Part 2 episode on the 2016 Presidential Election, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Former US Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts back to the show. Catherine breaks down where the Black Budget Deep State forces have placed their hopes in the presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Elite Panic
She sees Elite Panic in a shadow network emerging of the Bush Political Family, Goldman Sachs, Neocon Militarists, Corporate Globalists and the Establishment Media all lining up behind a Clinton Presidency in order to continue the destructive policies of financial harvesting, political secrecy and aggressive militarism around the globe.

Weaponizing The General Population
Catherine sees the election coming down Human vs. Inhuman with the Transhumanist policies of Computer Micro-chipping of American citizens as a major example of the push for dominance by covert forces driven by a lust for control. She sees recent outbreaks of violence in public as the prototyping of a new technology that is meant to drive a divide and conquer wedge between demographic groups of men/women, black/white, rich/poor, to in effect 'Weaponize The Population’ to distract from the massive financial fraud and political corruption taking place.

The Unraveling of the Corporate Media
The propaganda that the corporate media has engaged in during this campaign has signaled their desperation to keep the corrupt power structure in place. Their relentless targeting of Trump shows that they regard him as a threat to the Deep State political forces that have been trying to create a Totalitarian One World Global Government. The collusion of corporate Wall Street and political forces have decided Trump must be stopped at all costs or they risk dangerous exposure and scandal on a level never before seen in history!

Wikileaks Wildcard Revelation & The FBI
The upstart group Wikileaks has been publishing secret documents which reveal the insidious nature the Clinton Machine and its close relationship to the ruling media elite. Julian Assange, who leads this bold team of computer sleuths, had been targeted by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State for a drone strike and recently was denied internet access by the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK where he resides trying to elude a Kangaroo Court sham legal prosecution. Catherine sees Assange in danger of elimination and believes that DNC staffer Seth Rich was assassinated last Summer because he was secretly sending documents to Wikileaks. It has been hinted that in addition to releasing the emails of the Clinton Campaign Team, Wikileaks may hold a secret set of documents that can change the entire face of the presidential race by exposing Hillary Clinton and the entrenched Democrat Power Structure to serious charges and political oblivion This may be related to the recent reopening of the Clinton Email Server Case by the FBI.

Shocking, Unnerving, Informative and Game Changing, you don’t want to miss this fascinating Dark Journalist episode!

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