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In this exciting episode Dark Journalist interviews the legendary UFO investigator and best-selling author Timothy Good. His deep research on ET contact has led him to the startling conclusion that there are both benevolent and sinister alien beings battling for influence and control of planet earth!

Timothy also reveals that contacts deep inside military intelligence have informed him of a technologically super-advanced negative ET group.

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    Excellent interview (as usual), DJ. Your obvious pre-interview prep makes for much better interviews than just about any other host that deals with this type of subject matter. Timothy obviously appreciated it as well. Thank you for the great work you're doing!

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      Lynette ArguelloYouTube

      excellent UFO episode DJ!!! tImothy good is a treasure and the friendship aliens are really interesting indeed!! :)

      • author
        S RobertYouTube

        Thanks for the DL DJ, Timothy has shared a couple of his experiences with telepathic people from other worlds. I've tried his technique for communicating with these other worldly people a few times while being in highly congested area's, unfortunately it's not worked... Yet.

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