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Linda Moulton Howe: UFO Secrecy ET War & Timeline Manipulation - April 17th 2016

Breakthrough UFO Revelations!
Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt as he welcomes back Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe in this revealing Part Two of The UFO Breakthrough interview. In this episode, they go even deeper to outline the bizarre series of events that led two top political figures, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Harry Truman to collaborate and coverup their discovery that alien beings that were discovered at a crash site in 1941 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The beings were eventually taken to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. (before the creation of the Pentagon) during World War II and according to new research, kept in a liquid state in jars in an underground base below the Capitol before being used in a bizarre Masonic Ritual to enact UFO Secrecy that would be maintained right up to the present in 2016!

Covert Research and Nazi Smokescreens
Linda explores the layers of complex reasons why the Advanced UFO Technology and its far ranging implications were kept from the public. She believes that initially it was for protecting war-weary nations from being challenged to their core of beliefs. Since it was discovered during wartime, there was also a great fear that the Nazi Party had come into possession of ET technology and the race was on to see who would lead the world. Strange reports from the 1920’s have surfaced suggesting that large scale disc sightings were happening in Germany and may have formed the basis for the Nazi Peenemunde Research center where they were reengineering advanced craft.

Timeline Manipulation
Eventually the National Security State in America discovered in its research of crashed offworld discs that part of what was being used to travel great distances with ease was an embedded technology that could stop and reorder time itself according to Area 51 physicist Bob Lazar. Research began how to manipulate events Alter Timelines and “Turn Back Time” to achieve results never dreamed of in military conquest and social, economic and cultural control!

Is it time for a true accounting of the UFO reality that will give new understanding to humanity in the 21st century, even if it brings confusion and turmoil in the short term? Or are forces inside the Breakaway National Security State preparing their contingency plans to keep their covert advantage of Advanced UFO Technology intact? Will we see a UFO Breakthrough in 2016?

Alarming, informative, shocking, controversial and extremely enlightening, don’t miss this Part 2 conclusion with Dark Journalist with Linda Moulton Howe!

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