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Join Dark Journalist and former USAF Sergeant Niara Isley for a fascinating in-depth discussion of her terrifying and transformative experiences as a UFO and Military Abductee (MILAB). Together they will recount her earth-shattering encounters with the Grey aliens and their experiments to develop alien/human hybrid children using her as an unconscious vehicle!

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    Alison EmeryYouTube

    This is a dynamite interview!! You both really take the UFO topic to a whole brave new level and I want to say I believe her 100 percent! I think the best moment in the whole thing is when you ask her how she feels about ETs and she says she trusts them more than the military industrial complex.

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      Jane NoelYouTube

      What a totally mind blowing episode! She is an impressive lady now I'm going to research MILAB thanks DJ!!! :)

      • author
        Julie RayburnYouTube

        Stellar interview. You have the most incredible and informed guests and I love the UFO topic!!

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