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JZ Knight: Ramtha UFOS DNA & Quantum Consciousness -
November 27th, 2015

The Interview You Must See!
Join Dark Journalist in this special episode as he welcomes the Bestselling Author, Lecturer and Founder of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment JZ Knight for a rare in-depth interview! JZ has been a leading voice for blending science and spirituality since the 1980s with thousands of students worldwide studying her unique methods of self-actualization through Quantum Consciousness.

Since her life was turned upside down by her encounter with a spiritual being named 'Ramtha' that she learned to channel and her many encounters with off-world UFO intelligences, JZ has brought her innovative teaching to a large audience with a powerful message of Creating The Future. Living through controversy and under attack from religious, political and media forces, JZ thrived through adversity and survived while keeping her movement growing where others had failed. She credits her success to ‘Moving to a New Neighborhood in Her Brain."

Powerful Tools and Ideas
From Changing your DNA, Mind as Matter, Future Now, Becoming a Remarkable Life, and more, JZ has brought forward inspiring and challenging concepts that have helped individuals transform their lives. By giving her students access to universal principles she provides them with tools that are intentionally covered up and suppressed by hidden forces in the media and the hollywood/entertainment industry control grid on planet earth.

Covert Ops - Remote Viewing
It was revealed that some of the psychic and transpersonal methods she developed and taught students to practice were adopted by covert intelligence agencies for use in their remote viewing programs and misused in attempts at dark methods of control. Shocking, revealing, compelling, inspiring, eye-opening and spellbinding, this is the Dark Journalist episode that will leave you asking, "What is the true nature of reality?"

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    Alison EmeryYouTube

    DJ this is an amazing amazing interview with JZ a powerful gifted spiritual being, The two of you take these subjects way beyond anything else I've heard!!! :)

    • author

      JZ Oh the conversations I would love to have! Absolutely loved your movie. You have empowered my imagination again! Daniel I suspect you have a connection with JZ, good choice! Thanks for opening the door and allowing us to enjoy your conversation.

      • author

        Thank you sir for once again uploading commercial free content ...all the best from Australia ...i shall be sending you new subscribers

        • author

          You are such an excellent interviewer! Can you get on the Dark Matter digital network? Aside from Art Bell, it needs quality people like you.

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