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Join Dark Journalist and his special guest Best-Selling Author Jim Marrs as they investigate the deep events of the last 75 years, including strange parallels between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, and find a rising, insidious influence of a new Fourth Reich! By exposing major inconsistencies in the official story of 9/11 with new evidence and testimony, Jim Marrs carefully tracks the forces behind this historic False Flag event in stunning detail to bring us face to face with the reality of a Globalist Dictatorship.

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    M BarkerYouTube

    Outstanding interview! Thank you for bringing another truth teller to the forefront, I salute you DJ...

    • author
      Olive wingsgirlYouTube

      AWESOME DJ this is your most fascinating episode yet!!! I never understand why the media goes along with all of these government coverups but now I can see you're doing a totally different kind of reporting!!!!

      • author
        Alison EmeryYouTube

        Splendid *I LOVE IT*!!! You are by far the best person I've ever seen to handle these really tricky subjects :) btw jim marrs was an excellent choice I could listen to the two of you for hours!!!

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