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In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back the Best-Selling author of Population Control, Crossfire and Rule By Secrecy Jim Marrs for his third appearance on the show. Jim lays out the case in this deep interview that corporate overlords are employing methods of depopulation to fulfill their plan for dominating the world and creating a permanent slave class out of the citizens!

From GMOs, Fracking, Geo-engineering, Chemtrails, Pharmaceutical Addiction, Vaccines, Police Militarization and Media Control, Jim examines the situation of America in 2015 and the global implications for the massive centralization that has taken place over the last decade and what the Globalist Forces have in store for the unaware public that they are slowing dumbing-down with Mindless Entertainment, Prescription Drugs, NSA Surveillance and Mind Control. They get to the real facts behind the massive military exercise known as Jade Helm that has caused intense concern from citizens and even some lawmakers due to its mysterious secrecy and excessive utilization of military troops on US soil.

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    Alison EmeryYouTube

    Fantastic Episode DJ! You are so smart and ask all the right questions I have been waiting for! I love the deep research on chemtrails and the creepy jade helm stuff. I know we will never allow a fascist takeover of our country by money hungry corporations!

    • author
      Greg McgheeYouTube

      Dark Journalist another great vid, looking forward to the next one!

      • author

        Another great guest. Read Jim Marr's latest book about 3 weeks ago and it was top-tier work as usual. Its always good to hear him as he's so savvy about a wide-ranging array of topics. Great work DJ!

        • author
          Olive WingsgirlYouTube

          Much respect to Mr Marrs. Great interview as always, Daniel.

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