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Join Dark Journalist and his special guest Physicist, Author and Veteran of Special Covert Black Projects, Dr. Richard Alan Miller! Together Dark Journalist and Dr, Miller will discuss upcoming worldwide events such as Earth Changes, Pole Shift, Economic Upheaval, Corporate SuperState, new research in Nanotechnology, Synthetic Telepathy and Monsanto's development of GMO Mind Control!

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    It's DJ up to bat once again....first pitch.... he swings and connects with a hard and high fly ball directly over center field... and it's yet another HOME RUN! And I am only up to 52:08 where DJ states "well you have outlined some pretty advanced scenarios here"...ha ha no shit. This guy is awesome. Thank you Dark Journalist, and thank you Dr. Richard Alan Miller for sharing your advanced knowledge and logically developed opinions on these "non general public" subjects. Now I get to go listen to the rest....and I'm not even into baseball.

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      Alison EmeryYouTube

      *AWESOME** DJ this is a totally amazing episode! I've never seen him in an interview before...he is a real genius! I think this is one of my all time favorite episodes I really really love it when you talk about altered states my head is still spinning :)

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        Lest you ever doubt your importance in this age, Daniel, without the work that you do 'watching and learning' would not be happening! ... I'm not certain that's a blessing, learning the evil that is loose in this nation.

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          You won't hear this on a TED Talk. 

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