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In this special episode, Dark Journalist is joined by best-selling author Dick Russell, who co-authored several volumes on American conspiracy with Jesse Ventura and also wrote the ultimate classic volume on the JFK Assassination, "The Man Who Knew Too Much." In this rare, exclusive interview, Russell recounts tracking down retired CIA agent and super spy Richard Case Nagell. Nagell told Russell that he became an intelligence triple agent and walked into the key plotters in the JFK assassination!

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    Judge DreddYouTube

    Excellent as always dark journalist!!!!... also If you research the work of jim marrs ,jim fetzer ,jack white ,dick Russell and professor Costello u will get as close to the truth as is currently possible ..

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      Ryan TaylorYouTube

      Amazing guest, incredible episode. I've never seen Dick Russell in an interview before he's an excellent intellect and his books are top shelf! Great one DJ!!!

      • author
        Alison EmeryYouTube

        *LOVE IT* this is a remarkable episode DJ :) and super spy Nagell has such a weird story that I think it's way important because he was actually tracking the assassins before anything happened and then the whole thing with getting himself arrested on purpose! Russell is a treasure we never get to see him I guess because Jesse Ventura gets his spotlight but he is really great!!

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