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UFOs & The Black Budget! Harry Reid & Fake Disclosure! New Energy Movement's Susan Manewich - Forbidden Knowledge TV's Alexandra Bruce - December 18th, 2017

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his guests Susan Manewich from New Energy Movement and Alexandra Bruce from Forbidden Knowledge TV examine the latest revelations from the New York Times article that reveals a DOD Program that tracked UFO activity from 2007-2012 named AATIP. Fake Disclosure Narrative UFOs have been tracked by the government since at least 1947 so this program, though interesting, comes as no surprise to experienced observers.

The presence of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in this 'Disclosure Narrative' and the revelation that he funneled nearly 22 million to his close friend and campaign contributor Billionaire Robert Bigelow, Owner of Bigelow Aerospace in Nevada, lends an atmosphere of political cronyism and potential corruption to this story. We will also discuss the role of covert agencies suppressing UFO and Breakthrough Energy Technology!

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