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Remote Viewing Pioneer and Physicist Russell Targ
September 2nd, 2016

DARK JOURNALIST Part 2 Interview with Remote Viewing Pioneer and Physicist Russell Targ on The New 'Third Eye Spies' Documentary Coming Out Later This Year!

ESP - Mind Control - Psychic Targeting - Intuitive Vision - Deep Military Programs - Stargates - Dreams and Telepathy

This is Part 2 of Dark Journalist's in-depth interview with the founder of remote viewing, Physicist, Russell Targ from the Stanford Research Institute. Daniel Liszt goes deep into the mysterious psychic processes behind this amazing phenomenon and the startling results of seeing into the future, during his innovative and controversial experiments.

Part 1 of the interview covered the high-level top secret cases his group of psychic spies solved for the National Security State. In this episode, Targ goes into detail about the tools he uses for clarifying psychic visualization and for removing what he calls the 'analytical overlay'. The latter can compel the remote viewer to confabulate the psychic image they are seeing by blending it with other stimuli based on personal memories and associations.

Targ encourages the viewers to connect with their innate intuitive abilities using methods he's learned over five decades. In a spontaneous moment, Targ requests that Dark Journalist perform a remote viewing on the spot, to describe the object he is holding in his hand and the results are surprising!

The interview covers a range of interesting concepts, from ESP, mind control, the Akashic Records, psychic prediction, deep military projects, stargates, dreams and telepathic experiments. They run the new trailer from Targ's upcoming documentary, 'Third Eye Spies', coming out later this year, that recounts his incredible journey through the covert world of the CIA's psychic program. The film is set to blow a hole through the wall of official secrecy.

Fascinating and informative, this is the Dark Journalist episode you must see!

Exciting, mind-bending and shocking, this is the Dark Journalist episode you don't want to miss!

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